ACE Pet Resort


ACE Pet Resort is an award-winning, veterinarian-owned,
luxury facility offering pet boarding, doggy daycare, training,
and dog and cat grooming! We pride ourselves on the cleanliness
of our facility and the special attention we provide to your pets.
 Our goal is for every furry friend in our care to have the best
possible experience with us while you are away!

About Us

Let your animal leave happier than they came in! We have grooming options to fit your specific breed to make sure their coat is ready for any season. Our range of options can accommodate any dog size; from small breeds to medium breeds to large breeds, all sizes are welcome! Our dedicated staff will give you animal the individual attention they deserve to make sure they’re comfortable throughout the grooming process.


ACE Pet Resort has suite options to choose from when boarding your dog! You have the option to choose from Luxury boarding, Premium boarding, and Basic boarding. Please see the boarding page HERE for more information on each type of boarding, pricing, and to visit the webcam for Luxury boarding dogs!


Our Doggy Daycare Program is like no other doggy daycare in the world. Beyond socializing and playtime with other dogs, we offer Manners 101 while your dog is here at daycare, meaning that one of our K9 specialists will teach your puppy/dog manners while they are here with us. (Same day dog training) It’s no different from sending your kid to school. They will learn the curriculum, have recess/playtime, end the day with the curriculum, and then have homework to do with you at home.


Looking for a Dog Trainer? Our MajorK9 system is finest Methodology for obedience dog training. In this system, professional dog trainer and behavior specialist will communicate with dogs in a language we developed that they can clearly understand. Dogs are creatures of habit, pattern, and example. We use these natural indicators to produce a dog that has the etiquette and manners to make them even more enjoyable to live with you and your families.

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ACE Pet Resort Bordetella shot policy
The Bordetella shot is required every 6 months. Due to the high volume of dogs that come in and out, we require the 6 month booster to protect the health of all dogs in our facility. The shot must be administered a minimum of 10 days before drop-off date because it takes 7-10 days to start working. Please contact us if you have any questions!
Boarding and DayCare Pick-Up Fees
Boarding Afternoon Pick-Up Fees
Boarding Pick-Ups Between 1 and 4 pm - $25.00 fee
Boarding Pick-Ups Between 4 and 6 pm - $50.00 fee

DayCare After 6:00 pm Pick-up Fees
$25.00 for Dogs Picked Up after 6:00 pm