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ACE started in 2014 by Dr. Coffman. Eric Moon discovered ACE in mid-2019 and realized it’s potential. Together, they brought in training programs, more sufficient software, policies and procedures. Powered by Major K9, the methodology behind how the resort runs is to help further foster good behavior and a happy lifestyle for your pet. Care for your pet is what drives them to continuously improve ACE and adapt to new needs for each dog. Everyone at ACE are elite experts excited to bring specialized care to your pet.



Facility Director

Eric Moon is an Ohio native that has always had a love and passion for dogs and working with people. Eric learned how to read from reading dog books which helped spark his love for dogs and all animals. At 10 years old, he got his very first dog and their bond was unbreakable. At the age of 14, he got his first job as a dog trainer at the Pet Athletic Club in downtown Cincinnati. There he learned more about the dog business and what it takes to make it successful and a true home away from home for each pet. Through the years, he became even more educated and passionate about the pet industry. He perfected his skills and talents and developed his brand & training system called #MajorK9. MajorK9 is implemented throughout ACE Pet Resort to help improve the temperament and overall life of each pet. 


Kennel Manager

McKenzie Baker joined the ACE Pet Resort team in 2017 as a kennel technician. Over the years, she has grown to work in all aspects of the business, offering a rare blend of creative and operational strengths to meet each and every animal’s needs. McKenzie took a short time off from work to start her family, consisting of two fur babies and her daughter. While home with her baby, she decided to return to ACE because she missed all of her four-legged friends and the clients that have become a part of the ACE family. Shortly after her return, she was promoted to Kennel Manager, thanks to all of her hard work and devotion to this business and couldn’t be more thrilled!


Active k9 enrichment program

Broderick McMillan is originally from Mississippi and began his journey with dogs by training hunting dogs to trail rabbits, raccoons, and deer. An avid pet lover, he always had a dog or two by his side. As he entered into his high school and collegiate yearshe began studying exercise science, which would later play a major role in how he helped with physically developing a dog, a dog recovering from surgery, and developing nutrition programs to aid in canine recovery. As a trainer at ACE Pet Resort, Broderick looks forward to working with your pets. Training them in our system so that our clients are able to enjoy positive, fulfilling relationships with their pets. Broderick is also the owner of Ghost, a Belgian malinois and is competing in the dog sports PSA and IGP.


Customer Service Manager

Deb McHale has been with ACE Pet Resort since they opened in 2014. She has worked in the kennel, daycare, and grooming services for ACE and now you can find her at the desk. She left the corporate world in New Jersey and moved to Texas and started a new career in the world of Doggie Daycare, where her true passion lied. She is the proud mom of two rottweilers, Star and Jubilee, that get to come to work with her every day and enjoy seeing their friends. She truly loves each and every fur baby that comes to ACE like it’s her own. Make sure to say “Hi” to Deb next time you stop in!

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