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Our MajorK9 Training System is the Methodology of Obedience Dog Training. With this system, we developed a way to communicate with dogs in a language they clearly understand. Dogs are creatures of habit; the patterns and examples and as professional dog trainer and behavior specialist we use natural indicators to produce a dog that has the etiquette and manners to make them even more enjoyable to live with you and your family.


Beyond socializing and playtime with other dogs, we offer Manners 101 while your dog is here at daycare, meaning that one of our K9 Specialists will teach your puppy/dog manners while they are here with us. This will be same-day dog training and no different than sending your kid to a school where they learn curriculum, have recess/playtime, and end the day with curriculum, and then have homework to do at home.


Aquatics fun swim or fitness swim are great ways to exercise and keep your dog healthy. Aquatics aerobic exercise for dogs is a very low impact on the bones and joints but is great for strengthening and building muscle (Water Therapy). For example, we have a lot of clients that come here for water therapy to recover after an ACL tear, or even arthritic dogs come and take advantage of our temperature-controlled pool so that it can decrease inflammation within the joints.

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