How would you describe 2020? Let’s leave it up to the dogs


With stay-at-home orders lifting and people returning to work, you might find yourself suffering from separation anxiety about having to spend time away from your dogs. Here are 10 dog memes so that you can reminisce on the highs of quarantine while back in the office.

  1. When it’s been three weeks and you start to get desperate for social interaction
  2. The perfect work from home distraction
  3. The look you give when it’s your 2nd walk of the day
  4. And the look you have on your 9th walk of the day
  5. When you let your dog join the Zoom meeting.
  6. And when your dog realizes you’ve been Zooming without him.
  7. This is social distancing, right?
  8. When you finally get to go outside after weeks of being inside
  9. Trying to remember what you need to take back to the office like
  10. That moment when you finally accept the quarantine 15

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