Wouldn’t it be great if you can take your dog everywhere you go? Unfortunately, that’s not an option for many of us. But leaving them stuck in a cage for hours on end isn’t exactly ideal either.

Here are five reasons why they should spend their time at daycare instead:

1. Keep Your Pet Safe Even When You’re Not Around

One of the most difficult things about owning a dog is leaving them alone at home. You just never know what might happen! Will they try to run away? Will they chew on your belongings? What if they eat something they’re not supposed to?

If you’re worried about your dog’s well-being, doggy daycare can help keep them safe and healthy.

2. Socialize with Other Dogs

When you take your buddy out for a walk, do you ever get nervous when you see another dog down the street? If you’re not sure how your pet will handle the encounter, doggy daycare can help.

Dogs are social creatures but they still need to learn by experience. Being around other dogs will help will teach them how to remain calm when they meet new four-legged friends.

3. Learn to Behave with Different People

Anyone who has a dog knows how important it is to make sure their pet can get along with other people. If they’re not comfortable with getting close to folks they don’t know, it can lead to aggressive behavior.

ACE Pet Resort’s K9 Specialists will also teach your pooch how to interact with people. The next time you invite guests over, they’ll love your pet just as much as you do!

4. Manage Your Dog’s Energy

Whether it’s a small chihuahua, a large golden retriever, or any other kind of dog, you have to wonder how they have so much energy! If you don’t have the time to help them spend their excess energy, they’ll find a way to do it themselves—which may or may not involve chewing on your furniture.

Give them a better way to channel their energy. Through supervised playtime and exercise at daycare, you won’t have to worry about your dog acting out.

5. Improve Their Behavior at Home

Teaching a pet to behave takes time and consistency. But if you’re already looking at daycare options, you may not have much of both.

At ACE Pet Resort, we also offer a Manners 101 program. Our K9 Specialist will work with your dog and improve their behavior. That way, when you’re able to spend time with them, it’s guaranteed to be a blast. We even have activities that both of you can work on in-between visits to help reinforce good behavior!

Your dog doesn’t have to feel lonely when you’re not around. We’ll welcome them with open arms and introduce them to new friends as well!

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