We’ve all been through a lot this year. Now that 2020 is about to end, we can at least look forward to the holidays! A lot of us will be traveling during this time to celebrate with our loved ones.

If you have a four-legged friend or two, you may be thinking of bringing them along. Here’s what you should consider before traveling with your pets.

– Traveling with Pets Comes with Many Limitations:

You have two choices if you’re flying with a pet. The first is taking them with you as a carry-on. Inside the plane, they need to stay in a carrier that’s small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. If your buddy is too big for such a tiny carrier your only other option is to check your pet in as cargo.

Since they’ll be considered as cargo, there’s a chance they won’t even be taking the same flights as you. And don’t forget, the cargo hold isn’t exactly made for transporting living things. There’s a real risk to your pet’s safety if they’re in there for too long.

– Airlines Have Different Policies:

If you’re set on taking your pet with you on a flight, you also need to confirm your airline’s rules on transporting them. Most carriers allow pets to come along but may only have a handful of slots available per flight.

Many airlines don’t even allow checking pets in as cargo. Owners are naturally concerned for the safety of their beloved animals and perhaps airline operators feel the same. That, and maybe they also don’t want to risk the liability of something bad happening to your pet during a flight.

– It Can Get Expensive:

The price of flying with a pet will also vary by airline. On top of purchasing a specialized pet carrier that meets the requirements, the cost can add up quite a bit.

Companies in the travel industry are changing many of their policies because of the impact of COVID-19. Don’t be surprised if this affected the cost of putting pets on a flight. Some Airlines are also prioritizing shipments of goods, leaving even fewer ways for pets to travel.

– What You Can Do Instead:

Traveling during the pandemic is already a challenge. Whether you’re visiting family for Christmas or welcoming the New Year with a blast, Ace Pet Resorts can take care of your furry companions while you’re away.

Our boarding amenities are designed to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe. Under the supervision of our pet care experts, they’ll have plenty of playtime as they await your return. Luxury boarders also have access to webcams so you can check in on your buddy if you miss them during your trip.

Make sure everyone will have a good time this holiday season. Contact us and reserve your spot today!

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